Jhulelal Sindhi Chownki

Dear Sindhi music lovers,

Jhulelal Day event is being presented by Chander family for past 37 years in New York, reviving 19th century tradition of classical “Sindhi Sufi Chownki”.

The live presentation will cover collaboration of non stop medley of Sindhi Sufi Kalaams and traditional Jhulelal songs.

10-March-2012 (Saturday) at
Saraswati Hall, Opp. Hindu Temple in Flushing, 45-52,
Brownie Street, Flushing, New York. USA

You all are cordially invited with your family and friends.
Please see details as follows or attached.

Best regards
Harish Chander
Jhulelal Sindhi Chownki

105th Birth Anniversary Program Coverage from Mumbai

Highlights of the program in 6 minutes

Introduction and starting song by Jaishree (Payal) Bathija

Songs by Saral Roshan and Kaajal Chandiramani

Songs by Mohit Lalwani and Jaishree (Payal) Bathija

Songs by Saral Roshan and Kaajal Chandiramani

Tuhinjee Bhi Kuch Dil Ahe by Mohit Lalwani

Kabootar Kabootar song by Jaishree (Payal) Bathija

Galia Galia Tho Gayan by Saral Roshan

Rana Wanju Na Ute by Kaajal Chandiramani

Tomein Ahe Muhinjo, Hiku Kam Dholan by Mohit Lalwani

Rutha Hi Rahan Par Hujan Hayat by Mahesh Chander

Tuhinje Shahar Mein Ayus Kismat Saan by Mahesh Chander

Tuhinje Sira Jo Kassam by Mahesh Chander

Wah Wah Re Garha by Mahesh Chander

Devesh Talreja Act with Master Chander Jokes

Nandri Nandri Nandri Ahiyan by Gope Chander

Chadinda Wanjan Tha & Malika toon Darda Katinde by Gope Chander