Significant Literary Achievements/ Contributions :

As a Poet

1. ‘Chander San Rihaniyun’ (Intimate Interaction with Chander), Poems, 1952.
2. ‘Sacho Sathi’ (True Friend), on his Guru Kaka Jiwatram, 1968.

As a Singer & Music Composer

1. During his career as Singer for 47 years,  H.M.V. Company recorded around 400 Gramophone Records and Cassettes.  Other companies like Tips, Movac, IBH bought out his Live Performance cassettes.

Recognition By Way Of Awards/ Honours

H.M.V. Company awarded Master Chander, several Gold Medals.  In addition, the Sindhi Panchayats & Associations in India & Abroad felicitated him with Medals, Trophies, Shields and other gifts of enduring nature.  The last was in 1982 by ‘International Sindhi’ at Birla Matoshri Hall, Mumbai.

Additional Information

  1. After partition, Master Chander went round the country to instill courage and confidence in Sindhis.  He specially composed song on courageous Sindhi child ‘Aaita Ajaan Maan Nandhri Aahiyan’ (Oh Spinning Wheel, I am Still a Child),  and presented it before Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the then Prime Minister of the India Master. Chander was the man of masses, who felt that in his renderings he was expressing their feelings.  In 1955, he was invited by Sindhi Muslims to Sind (Pakistan) and performed through out Sind and became ‘Darling’ of Muslim crowd.
  2. Master Chander  started singing at the age of 12, in the temples & dargahs in Sind.  The famous Bhagat (Saint) Kanwarram Sahib heard him, gave blessings  and announced that he would become a “Legend in Music”.  And his words came true, when at the age of 22, he was invited by prestigious HMV Company and recorded his songs.  He had a melodeous voice and his presentation captivated large audience, who would listen to him for hours together.


Master Chander had a passion for music from his childhood.  Born in a Zamindar family, where singing was considered a ‘taboo’.  Master Chander faced great odds in acquiring rightful place in the field of music in Sind.  He was not only the most popular singer of HMV,  but also a legendary figure, who brought new singing wave in Sind.  He could truly be called a ‘melody’ that touched the very pulse of man who, was love lorn, distressed & disappointed.   His renderings kept the audience spellbound for hours.  One of his rendering ‘Rutha Ee Rahan, Para Hujen Hayati’ (Let them live long even when they are not on good terms) was most popular.  He had the knack of keeping his audience, spell bound for hours.

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