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  1. I am very surprised that Master Chander was the only child of his parents in that age of,where parents had 8 to 10 kids…or are you only talking about Master Chander and not his siblings…please respond…will be grateful

  2. We appreciate your great efforts for survival of Sindhi nation, language and culture. Your work for Sindh is never forget-able.

    Dr.M.I Baloch
    NUST University, Islamabd-Pakistan

  3. sir
    my mother told me about master chander and i saw some videos and images of master chander i love Sindhi and sindhi peoples .please keep this work on

  4. Dear Mahesh Jee
    Namastey with warm regards

    I am Maria Baloch daughter of Sindh ( with the honor that i was born in Tharo Shah,the Janam place of Great Master Chandar). I am also having the honor to perform with you in Dubai in 2015 from Sindhi Sangat Platform.
    Sir, it is my strong wish to arrange a program in Tharo Shah in the honor of Great Master Chander with you Sir as a Chief Guest.

    Please advise me in this regard so we can finalize the line of action in this regard.
    Also I am willing to perform from your platform either in India or in New York

    Best regards
    Maria Baloch

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