1. Many songs are composed by Master Chandur out of which one song is ” Kabutar-Kabutar khabar khari ach akula ja akabar”. This is the song in which message is send through pigeon to the bellowed. The main beauty of composition is that Master Chandur had used three poems by three poets are used in a single song. This is the rare thing that in a single song poems of three poets are used which is related to one theme. Old sindhi poets were broad minded this is the example of that. Now a days these type of things does not happens in any bollywood songs of any other songs of regional films.

    In the song preamble of the theme is in form of poem of Shah Abdul Latif the all time great poet of Sindhi languge. After first preamble part is completed the song starts with poem of Master Chandur in which pigeon is send for the message. Poem of return journey of pigeon with message is composed by Parsaram Zia who was closed friend of Master Chandur.

    If you listen the song you can get the idea of three poets as Master Chandur narrates the names of poets in his song. This shows the greatness of Sindhi people in the field of music and poetry who are from the Indus civilization.

    This song is heard by many people and after reading this if you hear the song again you will like it more than before.

    • It is indeed speachless to appraise Sargwasi Master Chander about his singings .One of greatest strength of master was true pronunciation of sindhi words in lyrics because he himself was great poet , composer and lyricist . There is great tribute to another greatest Lyricist Sargwasi Parsram Zia a classic poet who used words in lyrics to be understandable by all whether library or not.Both are great soul will live in hearts and minds of all sindhis who love muisic

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